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Drakes Pride Jack Set
Jackset is extremely Lightweight, compact, portable and totally eliminates the need to bend & cr..
Drakes Pride Leather Accessory Pouch
Leather pouch can be clipped onto your waistband of your skirt or trousers.     ..
Drakes Pride Mycoal Handwarmers
Tea bag style handwarmer.   ..
Drakes Pride Peg Measure
Peg measures are more commonly used in the game of Crown Green and are 15' in length with locking me..
Drakes Pride Pocket Scorer
Has digits for home away and ends   ..
Drakes Pride Polishing Sleeve
Designed to be used with bowls sheen to clean your bowls   ..
Drakes Pride Rigid Scorecard Holder
Available in red, green or blue ..
Drakes Pride Rinklock Measure
12ft String Measure Available in Maroon, White or Sky Blue with Boston Bowls Supplies logo on front ..
Drakes Pride Solid Fuel Handwarmer
Solid fuel rod handwarmer   ..
Drakes Pride Solid Fuel Sticks, pack 12
Fuel sticks for solid fuel rod handwarmer   ..
Drakes Pride Superlock Measure
9ft string measure with belt clip & calipers. Available in:- Aqua, Blue, Red, Green or Pink with..
Drakes Pride Three part Bowl & Jack Lifter
Steel construction screw together for a rigid .   ..
Drakes Pride Toucher Spray
Bowls spray chalk a single actuated spray to marker a toucher   Available in white and li..
Drakes Pride Umpires Kit
Kit consists of:- Feeler Gauge, Callipers, Set Square Score Lollipops, Magnifying Glass Chalk Spr..
Drakes Pride Walking Stick Green Protector
Available in sizes 18mm and 22mm.   ..
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