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Drakes Pride Wedge Rubber, pair
Rubber bowls wedges for when you need to measure an unstable bowl.   ..
Drakes Pride Wedge Rubber, set of 4
Rubber bowls wedges for when you need to measure an unstable bowl.   ..
Drakes Pride Winwax
A citrus based bowls wax specially formulated to give both a high shine and incredible grip to the s..
Emsmorn Bowling Towel
Available in green only     ..
Emsmorn Two bowl Carrier
Available in black, red, lilac, burgundy, royal & navy       ..
Emsmorn Wet N Dri Microfibre Bowls Towel
Available in blue, green and red     ..
Henselite Bulldog Sports Grip
Clean, convenient to use. Store it in your pocket whilst bowling, keeps hands dry and allows for a ..
Henselite Clubhawk Gold 9ft Measure
This popular measure has now been improved with an ‘Advanced Braking System’ device that improves me..
Henselite Deluxe Polishing Sleeve
762mm (30” length). Long wearing knitted material that helps give bowls that extra lustre.  ..
Henselite Fold away Umbrella
Mini fold away umbrella, ideal to fit in your bowling bag for those wet days on and around the green..
Henselite Grippo, Jar
The popular bowls polish with that extra bit of 'tackiness' than its namesake in the tube - the orig..
Henselite Grippo, Tube
The biggest selling bowls polish in the world. Assists with grip and easy to apply from convenient s..
Henselite Henselock Measure
Supplied in its own carry pouch, this high quality measure extends to 7’ and comes complete with cal..
Henselite Large Leather Scorecard Holder
Available in green or black with magnetic clip ..
Henselite Microfibre Bowls Buffing Cloth
Offering the best buffing action for your bowls.  This super soft microfibre cloth can absorb w..
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